538215_139287859573799_1449522969_nIn an era when e-sports were gaining fame in Sri Lanka the Academic Head of Infortec International Mr. Gayan Kularatne had an idea of organizing an Inter Branch Gaming tournament. But he had not met the right set persons to persuade his dreams. Meanwhile Thulara Bethmage and Samith Dilshan of Infortec 2011/2012 Batch came up with a project proposal to organize an Inter branch COD 4 LAN tournament. For this project they got the full support of Janith Jayasinghe and Hashan De Alwis of Infortec 2012/ 2013 batch. This Inter Branch tournament was named as “ICG” – Infortec Cyber Games. The co-founders of this event are Gayan Kularatne, Thulara Bethmage, Samith Dilshan, Janith Jayasinghe and Hashan De Alwis.

Infortec Cyber Games is an Inter Branch COD 4 LAN tournament where only Infortec students are allowed to participate. The first stage of this was held in 2013 as “ICG 2013”. This event was the most successful event of Infortec International in the year 2013. Many branches actively participated at this event. At the ICG 2013 and 2014 apart from the COD 4 LAN tournament, a NFS Most Wanted tournament and special events for the onlookers were also organized. 

When we look back at the ICG 2014 we can see that it was quite a successful one as it was the best ICG event happened so far. So it is important to mention it and its organizing committee. It was arranged at Infortec International Nugegoda on 28th March 2014. 

8 branches participated this event and it was very competitive, challenging and stunning.

All the players anxiously joined in the games and played really well. So we would like to thank all the committee members and those who were behind the scene for their effort to make that event successful and keeping ICG as a best event of the year. So learning lessons from them and taking their guidance this year we are going to do ICG 2K15 tremendously with some massive changes. We are making a turning point in ICG history and we all are working hard on it.  

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